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Mums & Dads can help too!
Mums & Dads can help too!
Mums & Dads can help too!


Our Vision Statement is:

"We help children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years live happier, healthier, more confident lives by providing “outstanding” levels of play based care delivered by a skilled, motivated and trusted team of committed Early Years practitioners."

This is how parents think we perform against that vision.

The care and facilities available are outstanding. The owners and staff are continuously improving the nursery environment and equipment. The staff are attentive and pro-active at all times. It really is a wonderful place for our children to learn and develop. I consider myself very fortunate to have a place for my daughter. Miss B

At Nature Trails my child has developed in all areas with the support and encouragement from a team of highly qualified practitioners. The outside environment is outstanding and my child is keen to experience all activities on offer. Since starting Nature Trails I feel that my child has gained in self -confidence and he's much more eager to experience new situations un-supported.  Mrs D

The quality of care both my children have received over the last 6 years has been outstanding. The relationships they have each had with their key workers have contributed to their overall development. The environment and the outdoor activities provided are exceptional and like no other nursery in the area. Mrs W

Since attending Nature Trails, my children have come on in leaps and bounds. They are always learning new things but never fail to have lots of fun. They always look forward to going to nursery and have a lovely bond with the staff. The staff are always very helpful if ever I have any questions or requests and give lots of feedback of each day’s events. In my opinion, Nature Trails is by far the best nursery I have come across and would be worthy winners for Nursery of the Year.. Miss F

Great staff, offering a personalised service which helps children in their learning and development particularly at these early stages which are so important. They organise a nice and varied range of activities for the children and organise events at the weekend to aid children's Integration and development.  Mr K

It is a vibrant and welcoming place with a family orientated ethos. My child loves attending Nature Trails and has gained confidence I do not think she would have if it were not for Nature Trails and my child's key worker. I am so impressed; speaking as a former teacher this takes a lot!  Mrs F

Nature Trails is professionally run within a remarkable setting in Cawston. The range of activities my child has available to him is second to none. The staff form strong bonds with children and create a welcoming and safe environment. I believe sending my child to Nature Trails has given him the best possible introduction to a learning environment and helped him gained skills and confidence at an impressive speed. I cannot praise the nursery enough. It is simply outstanding!  Mr F

Nature Trails Day Nursery offers an outstanding level of service, facilities, resources and staff. Our daughter loves attending Nature Trails on a full time basis. Nature Trails offer wide range activities and as a result, our daughter has progressed significantly which is exactly I want for her. I would highly recommend this nursery to others.  Mrs B

Excellent place for my child’s development. Reliable and professional service with friendly / committed staff. Happy place for children to grow and learn.  Mr B

Caring, trustworthy, dependable and a beautiful environment. Activities planned for my child are fun and engaging, I know she is learning lots. Mrs P

The setting of the nursery is wonderful, the staff are very friendly. The variety of activities for the children is excellent. The quality of snacks and meals are very good. My daughter is very happy at the nursery and can't wait to go in the morning.  Mrs M

Since starting nursery 12 months ago our daughter has progressed brilliantly in every aspect. Also, she is lactose intolerant and the nursery has been brilliant in helping us with this.  Mr S

The care and facilities available are outstanding. The owners and staff are continuously improving the nursery environment and equipment. The staff are attentive and pro-active at all times. It really is a wonderful place for our children to learn and develop. I consider myself very fortunate to have a place for my daughter. Miss B

Firstly the nursery is in a lovely countryside setting. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and take time to explain my child's progress and activities on a daily basis The activities the children do are interesting, practical and relevant and seem to include plenty of outdoor action. I feel my daughter’s development has been accelerated enormously by her time at the nursery which can be attributed to both the management and staff and especially her key worker. My child is always happy to go to nursery which makes for happy and reassured parents. Mr P

The nursery Nature Trails deserve to win my son from day one loves it there, he has come on loads and is looked after by the great staff too, which off course helps. My son always has a smile on his face which I know he's had a good time at nursery. Mr B

Dedicated, caring, knowledgeable staff; the babies happiness is apparent as soon as you set foot in the nursery; extremely high standard of care given to child and parent, particularly when adjusting to returning to work for first time; fabulous range of activities; great menus; great interaction between nursery & parent. Mrs W

It is the best nursery in the area. I never need to worry about my daughter when she goes to nursery because the level of care and dedication to children is so high. Mrs S

My son loves it, don't really need to say more... However they play outside a lot which fresh air is very important to me and my son thrives in, their food choice is fantastic, the staff are lovely, lovely, lovely, the owners are fabulous. I can't fault them. Truly incredible investment in my sons future sending him there for the best start in life.  Mrs Y

My child loves going to nursery at Nature Trails. The staff are all lovely and very helpful. As a new mum I was happy to leave my son at the nursery knowing that the staff would take care of him well in a safe learning environment. He always goes into and leaves nursery with a smile.  Mrs H

My son really enjoys his time at Nature Trails. He always talks about what he has done throughout his day. The staff always have time to talk about his development and things we can do at home to help him.  Mr D

Nature Trails feels like a family not a business. I really believe that nursery life makes a positive difference to my daughter. It's unique and each member of staff I come across seems to truly care about my family. The nursery is run on good values and you can see they really care that it is the best it can be. Mrs H-B

Nature Trails offer a very good service. The staff are always very pleasant and my daughter thoroughly enjoys going there. Mr H-B

Out of all the nurseries we visited this was the most holistic, looking after all aspects of the child's needs, e.g. fun, exercise, good quality food, outdoor play, education and care. Mrs S

The staff and facilities are all fantastic. My second daughter attends Nature Trails and she loves it as much as her older sister did.  Mrs G

A wonderful caring nursery with lots of fun outside for kids. Miss P

We have used the nursery and pre-school for over 6 years and 2 children and have only ever had tears on a handful of occasions. The staff are professional and welcoming and give you the confidence to work without worrying about the children. They stay open in all weathers, ensure the children are occupied with constant new experiences and loads of outdoor play. The owners go the extra mile with Xmas shows, bluebell toddles, autumn fairs and summer parties to ensure a true community of support. Excellent in all respects.  Mrs S

The care & education out son receives at Nature Trails, exceeds all of our expectations of a nursery. The management have high standards that are maintained by the excellent staff. The balance if fun, care & learning is achieved daily.  Mrs J

The staff in the baby room gave my 11 month old daughter plenty of settling in sessions, building up the time on each one before her actual start date. This not only helped my daughter to familiarise herself with the nursery and staff but enabled me to get used to leaving her for long periods. Staff were friendly, reassuring and informative all the time. They have also helped her develop so much in the 5 months she has been there and I think this is down to the way staff interact with the children.  Miss K

Continuous efforts to improve children's development and day-to-day experience - Focus areas and supporting materials always vary and change. Staff are very skilled, many with higher level degrees and most importantly - Seem to really enjoy their job and love the children. Personal touch and genuine care is noticeable throughout.  Mrs D

Excellent, highly skilled staff, warm homely feel, great attention to details and genuine care among all for the children and their development.  Mr D

My son is excited to go into nursery & has big smiles for the staff. His key worker & buddy have been very supportive in helping him to establish a sleeping pattern at nursery. The facilities are excellent & I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of different play that he experiences & is filled out in his diary. The food seems of a high standard with good nutritional content. The setting is beautiful with lots of opportunities to experience safe interesting outdoor play. My son is stimulated & happy here.  Mrs F

Nature Trails provides a very high level of care and education to my son. The changes in him and his development are amazing. They provide excellent meals, varied activities and a personal and caring touch. After only 3 months, my 16 month old happily waves bye bye to Mommy each morning and goes to play. It is great to see him happy and settled.  Mrs W

Both my younger daughter and my older daughter have received outstanding childcare at Nature Trails from the age of 11 months. The staff are very caring and both children have developed rapidly in their care. The environment, food and forest school ethos all make for the perfect start in their education.  Mrs E

All the staff are genuinely caring and interested in your child. My daughter’s current carer is very astute to her individual needs. The range of activities on offer is vast. I love the fact they spend as much time outside as possible. Both my children have only ever entered and left the nursery with big beaming smile.  Mrs S

4 years in total with 2 children at the nursery and never once had a complaint. Excellent staff. Excellent activities. Amazing leader who heads the nursery - such an inspiration. Both children have big smiles and fondness when they talk about Nature Trails. Couldn't ask for more.  Mr S