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Parent Ambassadors and Staff changes

We welcome Gemma and Paul  Murphy who will be joining Carrie and Neil Weir as Parent Ambassadors for the nursery. If you have anything you wish to share with them regarding the nursery please contact them.

We are pleased to announce that Kelly Greenway gave birth to  a little girl called Ella and both mother and baby are doing really well.

Megan Jacobs is to join the team in Sycamore Lodge. Megan is a qualified teacher and has decided to pursue her career in Early Years and she will be taking on a key person role.  

Claire Wilson (who recently returned to Nature Trails) will be taking on the role as Team Coordinator in the Saplings Unit.

Leanne Biddle (whio has recently returned from maternity leave) has taken on a key person role joining the Saplings team also.

Jay has made the move into Willow Lodge where she will take on a key person role as the room gets busier.

Charlotte Everitt will soon join the team in Acorns where she will be taking on a key person role.