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Parents/Grandparents Stay & Play

Our pre-school staff successfully arranged sessions for parents to come in a read a story or to play for a while last year, which the children really enjoyed. They have suggested that similar activities might be appreciated throughout the nursery and we would love to see family members come in to see us again (especially Grandparents). We therefore invite you, or Grandparents to come in again from March for a short while during the morning or afternoon activities to read a story or to join in for a while. You may also be happy to share information about a job or hobby that he children may like to hear about. Please would you approach the staff to arrange a date and time so that we can give everyone the chance to visit without overcrowding the classrooms?

We suggest that regular stay and play may not be suitable for the babies in Acorns room as they can become unsettled when strangers are around at certain times, however please talk to staff if you or Grandparents would like opportunities to join in for a while by arrangement also.