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Parents in Partnership meeting - Traffic Calming

To improve security and to avoid children being run-over in the car park, parents present at the meeting asked that we remind everyone to shut the gates to Sycamore and Willow from the car park (all 4/5 gates respectively), regardless of whether or not a family is following behind. Many children are excited when they are collected and are keen to “race” parents to the car park. If your child has a tendency to play this game, we suggest that you teach them to count the gates and “STOP” at gate number 4/5.

Responding one suggestion, we have re-located the bolt on the main gate to car park side of the gate in order to slow children down that are trying to get ahead to the car park. We are also installing extra lighting and a 5 mph speed hump to reduce accident risks to reduce accident risks (we cannot take responsibility for damage to the underside of cars that will be at risk of damage if people drive at speeds greater than this). However, for children who insist on breaking free of parent’s grasp and who run ahead in the car park, regardless of warnings, we suggest you try a harness or a small back pack with a rein attached as an aid to control as parents have used these successfully in the past.