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Museum on the Move Bus

This is a new Warwickshire/Worcerstershire shared initiative that we have hired for the whole morning on Monday 8th April. Children will be able to access the bus in small groups and then take activities and their discoveries back into the classroom. The current theme is “the Magic of Colour”

Imagine a colourful coach pulling up. The doors open and you enter a world of history, education and most importantly FUN! Every inch is used to its fullest potential.

As you walk in, you’re immediately confronted with fun and colourful signage relating to the themed objects on the bus. An interesting issue arose as, although the curators work with educational officers, they found some less able readers didn’t appreciate the signs. So they added more pictures. Another rare issue was with people with mobility problems getting to the back of the bus. So the walls were curved to solve it.

The bus is adaptable to whatever theme and age range is required. The staff work closely with schools to make sure the experience is more than a box of toys. The themes range from the 1850s to the 1970s. Items are strategically stored in drawers, clearly labelled and secured for travel, and used to draw out conversations. The displays include real and replica objects. For example a drawer showcasing original puppets includes replicas for visitors to play with.