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End of term week

End of term events - events 16th-20th July

We had a wonderful time joining in with the different events and workshops that we had arranged. Next year in the summer we are hoping to bring together the music, dance and fun and games on one day (a Saturday in June) so that we can have our very own “World” festival in the garden for more families to enjoy together with their children.

Although our “Olympic” sports event was cancelled because of a poor weather forecast, in fact the day was drier than anticipated so the children managed to get out and practise sack and relay races anyway. 

Indian Dance- The small troop of children who practice “Natayam dance” in traditional Indian costume who visited the nursery 3rd July will be again performing at a children and adult’s entertainment event on Sunday 9th September at 5.30pm at the Indian Community Centre in Edward Street. Tickets for adults and children over 5 are £5 each. Alison will be going along so if you want her to buy tickets for you please let her know, sending the money (preferably a cheque) in an envelope to her. She will be delighted if others joined her.