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Changes in staffing

Amy Dale and Gemma Worville are commencing maternity leave at the beginning of March. Katie Horner, a senior practitioner originally from an Ofsted rated “Outstanding” baby room in Cambridgeshire will be joining us on 4th March to fill Gemma’s role. Kirsty Johnson who originally worked here as a student volunteer in 2011 while completing her level 1 and 2 certificates will be joining us in Saplings room as numbers of toddlers increase in the new term. Kirsty has almost completed her level 3 qualification.

Congratulations to Kelly Lawson who has completed her post-graduate Early Years Teaching qualification. Kelly will be working 4 days a week in Willow Lodge and leading the pre-school provision while Kelly Hayward will be room leader in Sycamore Lodge to cover during Amy’s maternity leave.

Lisa Offer will be dropping her two full days in Willow Lodge and instead taking up a more flexible working arrangement of 20 hours lunch cover/temporary relief mainly in Saplings and Acorns rooms. Laura has agreed to increase her working hours from 30 to 40 hours (an extra day) to cover the vacancy arising from this in Willow Lodge as she has almost completed her honours degree in Early Years Education and now wishes to work full time. Our two fabulous diploma students: Courtney and Alice who are completing their qualification this June. have agreed to work full days at the beginning of the week until the summer to increase staffing in Acorns and Saplings rooms as new babies join us after Easter and toddlers move on from Acorns to Saplings.